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With deep appreciation of your kind donation towards the printing of the invaluable Taklung Kagyu lineage dharma texts, I take pleasure to inform all the generous donors of this precious project that your magnanimous financial support has been forwarded to Riwoche Great Monastery, Kham Riwoche, East Tibet.

I am also pleased to inform the donors that their names will be listed in the Tashi Pal Yangwen Retreat Centre (nearby to Riwoche Monastery), where daily pujas will be conducted by 15 monks for three years, three months and three days to invoke the blessings of the Triple Gem for all donors and mother sentient beings.

If donors' names are spelt wrongly or missing in the acknowledgement, I offer my humble apologies. Please let us know immediately via email: Steps will be taken to immediately rectify it.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Khen Rinpoche Jei Drodul
On behalf of Taklung Kagyu Lineage Dharma Texts Project Team, Tashi Pal Four Gems Library and Riwoche Great Monastery Kham Riwoche, East Tibet.