H.E. Choktul Tenzin Gyaltsen Ngawang Mawai Nyima
H.E. Choktul Tenzin Gyaltsen Ngawang Mawai Nyima was born amidst auspicious signs in 1940, the Iron Dragon Year of the 16th Rabjung Cycle, to the lady Dolma Lhamo and Zilnon Gonpo from the noble Bonkar Tsang family. The 16th Gyalwang Karmapa Rigpai Dorje recognized him as the sixth incarnation of H.E. Tenzin Tulku. He received teachings on the general and particular teachings from the 6thTibet in 1959, he was imprisoned for more than twenty years, during which time he suffered immense physical hardships from hunger, cold and fatigue due to hard labor. He later said that this proved to be a better purification practice than other virtuous activity such as prostrations or circumambulations.

He was also able to improve his spiritual practice by mixing the four activities with deity, mantra and Dharmakaya, together with the sublime motivation of relative and absolute bodhicitta. During his time in prison, he recieved the wonderful opportunity to share his spiritual experience regarding Dzogchen, Mahamudra and other Lojong practices with many great masters. Hence, instead of getting discouraged by his hardships, he even led a happy and meaningful life in prison.

After being released from prison, he took his religious freedom in stride and received the full ordination vow from Khenpo Batse Lama Drakpa Zopa from Riwoche Monastery.

Later, he entered Drepung Nekyong Chode monastery in Lhasa where he studied and perfected the common and uncommon fields of education under Gaden Trichen Rinpoche. There he was respected and revered by everyone for his scholarship. The first prize of the trophy inscribed with the white conch was conferred upon him twice and the second prize once. The Panchen Lama and other respected scholars and masters praised him, and asked him repeatedly to take the Khenpo's post at Trungyang Nangten Lopdra Chenmo. Concerned only with the welfare of the teachings and sentient beings, he accepted this post. Both the lay and ordained people of Riwoche appealed him to return to Taklung Riwoche, the sacred placed blessed by Buddha. H.H. Phakchok Rinpoche Ngawang Thupten Namgyal and Khenchen Pema Rangdrol. Without much difficulty he understood what he studied.

Due to the political upheaval in He returned in 1985 and has remained at Riwoche until the present. Panchen Lama and other great masters have also highly recognized Riwoche Monastery, owing to its rich cultural heritage. There Tenzin Tulku has selflessly worked for the construction of new temples to support spiritual practice. After the completion of the new temple, Tsuglak Tra Khyilma, on the day of sixth Tibetan month of the Water Monkey year, 17th Rabjung Cycle, he grandly inaugurated it with a ceremonial celebration. Gradually, he also constructed dormitories for the monks. Hence, his kindness is unsurpassable.

Just as the Bodhisattvas enthusiastically work to fulfill the aspirations of sentient beings, he also has put great effort to accomplish the wishes of others, disregarding his own physical well being. He has also remained impartial to all, regardless of whether they are high or low, wise or foolish. Therefore, he exhibits the nine qualities of noble beings that include scholarship, kindness and morality. As he was taken care of by the previous H.H. Phakchok Rinpoche who put great hope in him, this noble being has been very kind to the teachings of the Taklung tradition when it was under the threat of extinction. Particularly, he has taken utmost care of the seventh H.H. Phakchok Rinpoche Ngawang Kelsang Nyima with great love, providing him with the entire teachings of sutra and tantra, as well as the profound teachings of the Taklung School.

At present, even though he is old and seriously ill, he is taking care of his health and courageously working hard for the greater benefit of the teachings and sentient beings.
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