Tashi Pal Four Gems Library
The Origin
The Tibetan Buddhism of Taklung Kagyu lineage was founded by the Great Lord Taklung Thangpa Tashi Pal (1142 - 1210) and remains unbroken to this day.

In the Taklung Kagyu Lineage Dharma Texts, the precious teachings of Lord Buddha have been clearly explained in detail by Taklung Kagyu Masters. The original teachings include meditation, chanting, history, medicine, astrology, grammar and poems.

The original Dharma Texts were handwritten on paper and have been carefully preserved over the years by Taklung Kagyu Monasteries. However, during the Cultural Revolution of the 1950s, many precious texts were lost.

The Dharma Texts Project
In early 2003, senior Taklung Kagyu lamas from Riwoche Monastery have collectively found the urgent need to locate, compile, consolidate and preserve the rich Taklung Kagyu Dharma Texts. To prevent the texts from disappearing into oblivion, urgent preservation work needed to be done. The obvious solution for preservation was to capture the hard copies of the scriptures into digital format.

For a start, the Dharma Texts had to be physically recovered from all over Tibet, China, India and Nepal. It was a formidable task, to say the least! Some texts had been smuggled out from the Monasteries during the Cultural Revolution. They were found secretly hidden in caves, high snow-capped mountains, deep jungles and treetops. Due to wear and tear and termite infestation, some texts were found to be tattered. A thorough search for other copies of the texts was also launched simultaneously. Some were found in the possession of the monastics and laypeople. To date, most of the Dharma Texts have been recovered!

Computers and their peripheral components were sourced and simple accommodation found in Kunming, China, to house the senior lamas for the duration of the preservation work until the Dharma Texts were fully restored. This operation was kindly financed by H.E. Yongzin Rinpoche.

The senior lamas worked tirelessly for almost 14 hours a day, transferring every single component of the Taklung Kagyu Lineage Dharma Texts into digital format. By 2008, after 6 years of painstaking lab our, much thorough checking and verification by various senior high lamas, the entire magnificent Tibetan Buddhist Taklung Kagyu Lineage Dharma Texts were finally completed and are now ready for printing!

Financial Contribution For a Great Cause
At this crucial stage, we are in great need of financial support as our current financial resources are exhausted. Due to insufficient funds at the moment, we can only plan to print 1,000 sets. One complete set of this rich Dharma Texts contains 61 volumes. Each volume contains 500-600 pages of scriptures, ready to be printed in the style of the Tibetan Dharma Book known as Dhebma. This initial 1,000 printed sets will be distributed free of charge to the Taklung Kagyu Lineage Monasteries, Nunneries and Libraries in Tibet, China, Nepal and India. It is our fervent hope that through the magnanimity of supporters towards this meritorious cause for the betterment of mankind, we will be able to see the actualization of these texts. For enquiries and more information on how to support this project, kindly email to khendrodul@gmail.com As a warm gesture of our heartfelt gratitude, the names of contributors will be listed in the Tashi Pal Yangwen Retreat Center in Riwoche for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days. Pujas will be performed daily in the Retreat Center to invoke the blessings of the Triple Gem for all mother sentient beings. The names of contributors will also be listed in the Taklung Kagyu official website www.taklungkagyu.com.

May all beings associated in any way with the publication of this Taklung Kagyu Lineage Dharma Texts be blessed by all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. May the seeds of Compassion and Wisdom bloom in the garden of every heart! The gift of Dharma surpasses all other gifts.
The Dharma Texts Project
Taklung Kagyu Dharma Texts Project team
The original handwritten texts on handmade paper
Digitizing the Dharma Texts by computer
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