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New discovery of Taklung Kagyu Lineage Dharma Texts in Tibet
Posted: 8th Dec, 2014

Please rejoice together with us on the recent discovery in Tibet of some more volumes of the precious Taklung Kagyu Lineage Dharma Texts. These were lost during the Cultural Revolution and the search to unearth more Texts is still an ongoing major project of Riwoche Great Monastery. Since the discovery, the Mahasanghas in Tibet had been working doubly hard to compile and verify its contents. The final works including keying in the computers and the final verification process is currently being done in Kunming, China.

Hopefully, we can realize the printing of 1,000 sets of these newly discovered Dharma Texts by year 2014/2015, subject to our financial resources. These will later be distributed free to all the Taklung Kagyu Monasteries, Nunneries and libraries in Tibet, China, Nepal and India (Follow up on previous Dharma Texts offered to the same recipients).

多年来,类乌齐大佛寺一直身负重任,不懈地寻找及收集在文革期间流失到各处珍贵的达隆噶举佛教经典。如今再次寻获部份经典,僧团们更是努力地进行编译及确认内容,最后在中国,昆明输入电脑及进行最后确认工作。希望今年末能够印刷 1000 份这新寻获的经文。此佛经将会免费分发于西藏,中国,尼泊尔及印度所有的达隆噶举寺院,尼姑庵及图书馆。

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